About Cupcakes

every day is a celebration!

Cupcakes – The Original Cupcakes Shop

Founded by best friends Heather White and Lori Joyce in 2002, Cupcakes bakes their products from scratch and uses preservative-free, basic ingredients, offering customers fresh batches of yummy goodness daily.

The Cupcakes trademark has been globally recognized as the original cupcakes bakery. It was also the Cupcakes Bakery featured on the hit reality TV Show called, ‘The Cupcake Girls’ on the W Network. The TV Show airs in 90 countries worldwide, including the USA, Asia, and Latin America. The Cupcakes brand stands for fun, nostalgia, and celebration!

We love to create and innovate. Our heart and soul is poured into everything we make. And, we strive to offer the best dessert experience.